30 April 2009


i have a friend, lets call it with G. just be patient G, i`m sure that someday you will found your true love. you will found someone who love you with all her heart, give you a happiness, and actually always by your side in every single time you spent. just wait and see. trust me G, its not your time anymore to search a girl only for have fun. its time for you to find your true love. okay? now, just sit down and let your true best friend search the best girl for you. cheer up G!

maya dan oyha ;)

nice watch

this is a nice watch, he?

oh my God can you imagine how much i want this watch! oh God! please show me the way to buy this watch haha i want it soooo much! i really really want winnie the pooh`s watch! OMG! hehehe

first time i saw this watch is when i went to senayan city with my friend name`s ikha. i saw it and i`m falling in love from the first sight! hehe. the price is not too expensive, the first one is Rp 90.000,00 and the other one is Rp 105.000,00. hmm i`ve tried to raising money since february but i`ve spent it to some other important thing hehe. but its okay, i`m sure someday i`ll get one of this watch but i just don`t know when it happen hahahahahaha

29 April 2009

you`re welcome

aaaaaaaaa even i just hear you say 'thank you' from your friend, but it sounds heavenly you knooooooow? you`re welcome you`re welcome. sorry that i didn`t say it alone. i`ve tried to text you but it couldn`t delivered so i decided to ask your friend to tell it to you from me hehe even it`s just such a simple thing, but it`s sooooooo glad for me to feel this after a wholeeee year i spent without you hehe

for the second times i wanna say..

happy birthday

26 April 2009

second years

si behel ehm, si beler

punya kesulitan untuk tutup mulut mingkem

kurang mempunyai potensi dalam pegang bass, tapi masih terus berusaha sampe akhirnya sukses dengan bandnya

dengan mobil nissan x-trail yang akhirnya jadi milik pribadi

keluarganya yg bahagia

ditahun kedua dengan kemunafikan gue

dan dengan senyumnya yang ga pernah berubah..

happy birthday

20 April 2009

come back

i miss you sooo bad, but you only make me dissapointed like the others. you say your sorry, but you never didn`t make it. you never care. you said that you`ll stay for me even anything`s happen, but in the fact, you didn`t. i dont like to be jealous, but i just can not hide what i feel when you walk away and act seems like you don`t need me anymore. i`ve standing by, all the way, here to help you through your day, holding you up, when you are weak, helping you find what it is you seek, catching your tears when you cry, pulling you through when the tide is high, just being there through thick and thin, all just to hear say, "you are still my best friend, and it always be.."

for my best F

harder than you know

You said this could only get better. there's no rush cause we have each other. you said this would last forever. but now i doubt if i was your only lover. are we just lost in time? i wonder if your love's the same, cause i'm not over you baby, don't talk to me i'm trying to let go. not loving you is harder than you know. cause you're driving me so crazy. how can i miss you if you never would stay? if you need time i guess i'll go away. inside me now there's only heartache and pain. so where's the fire? you've become the rain.

So I'll make the call and i'll leave today, i'm gonna miss you cause i love you baby



16 April 2009


do you know? this is the must watch film! this film is so awesome! i watched it when i went to fx with my friends which is nysa, mody, nana, qudrad, and angga. we absent on that day hmm on wednesday i think (forget it, i dont remember what day was it). okaaaaay the point is you must watch this film and tell me what`s your coment! cheers :D

14 April 2009

prepare for corps 61

aaaaa can you imagine, dari minggu lalu sampe sabtu besok gue dan pasukan paskibra 71 sedang berjuang dengan latihan intensif untuk ikut lomba corps yg diadain sama sma 61 tanggal 19 april 2009 (minggu besok!). whises the best for us and do the best! sumpah gua sampe bela2in cabut ballet berkali2 demi ini. sooooo, jangan sampe sia2 maaaaaaaaaaay!

sssst, it will be my first performance to be 'pembawa baki' hahaha

13 April 2009


My friend said “ share it with me, I know there`s something in your mind but you always pretend like you`re okay. Just say it, that you`re not okay. When you`re trying so hard to be strong, I can see you are in a deep down place called weakness “. Yes, i`m broken heart. when there`s someone can certain me that he`s the best, I trust in him. But I learn that a truth didn`t as beautiful as words when I fell in love without a logic. I`ve been dumbed. Yes, i`ve been dumbed. And its hurtful. I don’t know what`s in his mind, but what I knew is he has success to give me a hurt, not a true love like i`ve thought before. God has given me a chance to feel how fall in love`s work. Okay, break up maybe can be so hurtful. But see it in the other side. This situation exactly gives me a new point of views. Be mature, and learn how to understand and feel. And actually learn how to love unselfish. I love him, but what can I do? Nothing. God only gives me 2 options. Move forward, or stay here and waiting for something that uncertain. Okay, i`m stupid, but I choose the second option. I`ve tried to choose the first option. But not easy for me to feel fall in love, so I decided to choose the second option. Stupid, maybe. But life is an option. I`m sorry…

So sorry to nysa, fyra, ikha, and others, but its not as easy as you think. Sorry. I`m so sorry….

12 April 2009

yudha`s surprise birthday

today me and my friends which is Dp Thata Cica Diva Dewa Gyazi and Mario decided to make a surprise birthday to our best friend and i wanna say happy great birthday to my greatest best friend, Muhammad Arif Yudharisna. happy birthday babby. we try give our best to our best and sweetest friend, and it`s you. first, yudha`s wishes (thata) decided to didn`t join this surprise. but finally, she decided to join and we`ve made a good work! he`s looked very suprise and actually looked very happy. and at the end, we can see a big smile in yudha`s and thata`s face. hmm sorry i cant tell all of you in this blog, cause its still a secret. hihi. always wishes all the best for you yudhaaaaaaa. i looooooove you more than anything in the world! muaaaaaaaaah :D

happy 17th birthday bodoh

11 April 2009

Praisy`s suprise birthday

yesterday, me and my friends which is Devi Uthe Umang Yofi and Jelly decided to make a surprise birthday to my best friend. happy birthday my sweetheart, Praisylia Gabriela. Hope you can be better in act and of course be better in our friendship. and actually, always wish you all the best, babby. i dont know how can i explain, but you`re the most that can understand me. i love you soooooooooo bad, jeleeeeek. semoga pengorbanan gue kerumah lu ga sia2 hehehe

Happy Birthday Praisy

and i wanna say thankful to imam for a help that he gave so i can made a surprise to Praisy

10 April 2009


Why oh why girls always being hurt? I just don't understand what's in your mind.
Are you happy with doing all this kind of shits? Don't you ever mind our feeling?
At the first, you acted very nicely to me, gave you care, texted us every minutes, showed you best, made us happy.
And then, what? After you got all what you wanted, you just dumped all of it, threw it away from me.
Why did you do that in a very wrong time? When I just feel soooo fall in love with you, need you very bad, wanna hear your voice every second, look into your eyes, holding hands every time and don't want to go away from him. Then you just walk away from me.
Can you imagine how broken hearted am I. Can you feel what I feel?
Maybe you can see I smiled even laughed in front the others, but do they know what deep inside my heart?
DO THEY KNOW? Nobody knows except God. Sometimes I think that do we need love? Even we know it will hurt us at the end. Are you ready for that?

taken from my best buddy, doly

6 April 2009


Why do they leave me all by myself?
Why do they use me and bring me down?
Why do they hurt me?
Why do they leave me?
Why doesn't anybody stick around?

Why doesn't anyone stay here?
Why do they leave me?
Don't they realize I'm a porcelain doll?
Small, unsure, beautiful

If I sit here, waiting to be wanted
Something good will pass me by
Many people look through the windows
But seldom do they ever look in my eyes

Why doesn't anyone stay here?
Why do they leave me?
Don't they realize I'm a porcelain doll?
Fragile, helpless, unwanted

They can't tell that I am sweet
They can't tell I'm like a porcelain doll
Beautiful and demure
But they will lie to me

Why am I not numb to this?
Why can't I let it all outside my mind?
Don't let me sit here collecting dust
But please be careful, please be kind

Why doesn't anyone stay here?
Why do they leave me?
Don't they realize I'm a porcelain doll?
Lost, alone, unsure
Kind, demure, small
Fragile, helpless

(megan mcCauley - porcelain doll)

tag from neris

1.berapa bersaudara dirumah?
3 dooong dan berjenis kelamin sama smua haha

2.bagaimana kehidupan lo saat ini?
worse. tapi so far bersyukur lah sama apa yang ada

3.punya berapa sahabat?
just one of course

4.pernah berantem sama sahabat?

5.kata temen2 kamu kamu itu temen yg gimana?

6.sekarang single/taken?
in an open relationship

7. pernah selingkuh?
of course not

8.segaul apa sih lo?
i`d love to know new people

9.ekskul lo disekolah?

10.pinter ga dikelas?
no comment

11.pernah berantem disekolah?

12.apa bad habit lo?

13.the best thing that you have?
my muhammad arif yudharisna

14. udah gede mau jadi apa?
anything and actually a better person

15.mau kuliah dimana?
london school public relation

16.tag this post to your friends. you have to
to popo maybe

wp surprise birthday

happy happy birthday to my friend, Adithya Wirawan Putra haha cieee wish you all the best and hope you can be better in act and of course be better in our friendship. aaaaand, ehm i wish you can get AAAAAAAAAAALLL what you want and need for your life haha you know what i mean wakaka. cheers! :D

Happy Birthday WP

3 April 2009


I try to picture the girl
Through a looking glass
See her as a carbon atom
See her eyes and stare back at them
See that girl
As her own new world
Though her home is on the surface, she is still a universe
Glory God, oh God is peeking through the blinds
Are we all here standing naked
Taking guesses at the actual date and time
Oh my, justifying reasons why
Is an absolutely insane resolution to live by
Live high, live mighty
Live righteously
Takin' it easy
Live high, live mighty
Live righteously
And try to picture the man
To always have an open hand
See him as a giving tree
See him as matter
Matter fact he's not a beast
Oh no, not the devil either
Always a good deed doer
And it's laughter that we're makin' after all
The call of the wild is still an ordination why
In the order of the permeates
All our politics are too late
Oh my, the congregation in my mind
Is this assembly singing of gratitude
Practicing their lovin' for you
Live high, live mighty
Live righteously
Takin' it easy
Live high, live mighty
Oh, live righteously
And sing it out
And just take it easy
And celebrate the malleable reality
You see, nothin' is ever as it seems
Yeah this life is but a dream, oh
Lift me up to the almighty
Raise your hands and start acknowledging
If you're living it righteously
Then you take the easy way
Just, just, take, take, take it easy
Live high, live high
Live mighty, mighty, mighty
Oh, live righteously
And takin' it easy
Live high, live mighty
Oh, live righteously
And just take, just, just
Takin' it easy high
Oh, live mighty, mighty
Oh, live righteously
Just take it easy
Say live high
Oh, live righteously, hey
Just take it easy

(live high - jason mraz)

i love you so bad, babby