28 Agustus 2009

happy birthday our jo

we did cause we love ya' haha

happy 17th birthday our bestie jovan imanuel mawengkang, hopefully you can be better in act and of course in our friendship. have a long age and always and always be our best until bonessss

me and my friends wish

26 Agustus 2009

my belle

hang out with my baby loveeeeeeee

if only i could stand without you, but in the fact is i cant. no matter how i try to be strong


and i was saw a picture of my last great performance, and it makes me wanna proud..

i`ll miss this moment

21 Agustus 2009


say congratulation for me pleaseeeeeee, buat nilai akuntansi gue yang 73 and actually tanpa nyontek hehehehehehe
happy birthday aldhika riyanto, i`m so sorry for today ;)
and i wanna say, happy fasting for all of you.............
but why oh why gue harus ga ikut puasa hari pertamaaaaaaaaa?

lama2 blog gue kayak sampaaaaah :(

16 Agustus 2009

13 Agustus 2009

happy victim birthday

victim day for three of my best friend which is gusti neris and yofi hihi. happy birthday guyzzzzzz

paling parah :
this one is gusti..

the sweetest :
this one is neris

paling damai :
this one is yofi

loveeeesss you a lots guyzzzz hihi wish all of you can be better in act and of course be better in our friendship hehehe

♥ youuuuuu gusti neris and yofiiii :)

10 Agustus 2009


oh God please, why should i called him? why? and why dont he replied it? oh God please tell me the reason, what the f*ck on my mind until i did it. i miss..
i know how much you love her, i know. and please promise me to never leave her even she go so far away from you. Aussie isnt as far as your heart......................

9 Agustus 2009

happy birthday danu

we love youuuuu lotsssss Agustinus Danu, hope you can be a better person in your life hihi xoxo

7 Agustus 2009

kakakku cantik

you know how much i love my sisters? a lot. yes actually a lot. even anything they did to me, even cry, even sadness, even hurt, everything`s will be okay cause i love them. they`re the most beautiful girls in the world hihi maybe its too 'much' but its truly that i just cant explain how much i love them. sssstt you just read this and dont tell them, okay? promise? hihi okay i trust in you. even i always act like i never care with them, but deep inside my heart is i never want to see they get hurt. see how beautiful they are

nathasya bolyn (1st sister)

okay okay, i know i`m not as lucky as them to have a beautiful smile and pretty face hihi but i really really feel lucky cause i have two beautiful sister. look for the other

desitalanie bolyn (2nd sister)

very beautiful, huh? God if only i could turn back time, i will call them with 'kak desi' and 'kak tasya' :( but its too late i think, i`ve already call them with their real name 'tasya' and 'desi'. but its okay, it`ll never change how much i love them. loves you a lot sis!

6 Agustus 2009

get well soon

today its a grat day for me. why? cause my best best rizky novardi visited my house to delivered a tongseng with yudhi arifianto hihi. i was sick so they came to see my condition too. i was very very and very happy. you know? i think i`m better now hehe its great! i cant explain how i feel hihi but the point is i`m very happyyyyyy. and i have a secret. before they go home, i put a chocolate chesse sandwich in inos`s bag which is his favourite hihi. thank youuuu inos and yudhi hihi loves you a lot :)

ssssstt, the tongseng is very delicious hihihi

very tasty

5 Agustus 2009

hot today

please oh please anyone dont disturb this relationship again! hehe semoga nisa dan kak reza bisa happily ever after deh yaa haha cepet2 balikan dong sayang! muah haha

today is very bete day grr why? because he said the words that i never like. why you have to act like that in front of me, ha? whatever. hope i will get well soon nih, cause i`m feel not well right now. and still cant wait for JAVA ROCKIN LAND yihiiiiiiii!
oiyaaa td sekolah gue kebakaran haha ga penting ya, abisnya heboh banget tau nya yg kebakar cuma seupil hehe lebay. oiya oiya kucing gue melahirkan anaknya ada 7 mati 2 tinggal 5 deh sekarang hehehe main2 dong kerumah gue, tengokin kucing gue sekalian tengok gue hahaha