30 Juli 2009

cant wait

i dont know what am i thinking. only one thing.
'can`t wait for secondhand serenade'
do you?

24 Juli 2009


i was proudly first time i already know that two of my friends which is imam and tebo was in tv to be a comersial break`s artist of three special manchaster united. first i really didnt believe it but after almost all of my friends said too, i believe. they received 2milion rupiah plus ticket vip to watch manchaster united vs indonesia. but suddenly, mu cancel their visit to Indonesia after there`s a "tragedi bom" in ritz carlton hotel which is the hotl that they will stay before. i think both of my friends will be very dissapointed for sure. poor them. but its okay meeeeen, dont worry cause secondhand serenade will come to Indonesia too! haha join it with me and inos and actually you have to order the ticket to me cause my sister is the volunteer. be patient imam and tebo! LOL

23 Juli 2009

happy for you

satu pasangan lagi yang bahagia dengan hubungan " in a relationship " nya hehe dua temen baik gue yang awalnyaaaa sama2 ga mau hehehe awet2 ya buat neris sama alan. hope you can be happily ever after hehehe

loves you both

20 Juli 2009

do not

promise me that though everything happen, "dont let it be a love..."

happy birthday our be

last 18 july 2009, me alan danu and jovan made a surprise birthday for our bestie, be. we came to his house at 12 am. though it was rain, we still had a spirit to came to his house haha and suprisinglyyyyy, he`s very happy and until cry wkwk (lebay lu be). wish you all the best honeeeyyyy

maya alan danu dony jovan

14 Juli 2009

grr day

i`ve already give the present for inos hihihi and actually he looked very shocked (is it happy? actually!! haha). you know the present? taraaaaaaaa......

i know he like it very much wkwk

and you knoooooowwww? today is a very fucking shit day haha ooops i didnt mean to say it but its really2 jerk! first, i got up very late and i`m very buru2 berangkat kesekolah cause my father cant anter i to school. aaaaaand you knooooow? the ojek is took me to the place where`s very far far away from my school which is in JATIBENING! can you imagineeeeeee? i`ve told him that i want to go to kalimalang! first i thought that he want to lewat jalan pintas, tapi ternyataaaaaaaaa he took me to somewhere that faaaaar away from my schooool! and i started to angry and actually i cried, grr. and when i almost arrived school, he drave the motorcycle quickly, and when we lewat polisi tidur, my handphone lompat dari my kantong kemeja and i just can say "hp gueeeee" and he turn back to that place. i was crying out loud cause i`m very hate the tukang ojeek!! grr! when i arrived school, i just paid it with 10thousand and ran to bocil delfa nabila and inos. i cried cause my handphone rusak parah. aaaaaaaa i want to kill that tukang ojek if besok2 ketemu lagi!

13 Juli 2009

doc martens


its orange, cool huh?

why ballet?

Broadcast Date: April 27, 1971
"She wanted to improve my posture or something like that," Karen Kain says about her mother in this CBC Radio interview. Winnifred Kain first signed her six-year-old daughter up for ballet lessons to correct a slouching habit. She had no idea her eldest would one day become the most famous ballerina in Canada. At the time of this radio interview Karen Kain probably didn't have any idea either. It's 1971 and she's just 20 years old.
Softly, the ballerina tells host Bill McNeil about her teenage years and what it's like to dance the lead role for the National Ballet.

i voted, and you?

that tiny inked-sign on my little finger proved that i'm a good indonesian
i believe that you , too, guys !!
i'm eager to know who our next president will be

let's wait for the result..

10 Juli 2009

meet my best

halooooooo lagi sama anne niCh, nginep looooooh hahaha asyiiiiik. bangun siang, makan, nonton, bikin mi, sama minum pop icee. eh anne mau ngomong nih

anne : masa yah,td malem maya mw nginep dirumah gw,tp taunya dia nyampe rumah gue jam set 2 pagi,,gue udh yang ngantuk parah cm nunggui
n dia doang..
tuh anak dyg2 minta maaf , tb2 bilang klo g bawa baju..wahhh...gue yang udh ngantuk bgd,,jadi ga bs tdr,dan akhirnya cm foto2 sm maya ampe pagi dengan muka yang kusam dan rambut tak beraturan.... ohya ga lupa jg,yang kocak pas si maya solat,berhubung gw ga punya mukena,dia cm pake clana panjang,sweater,sama pasmina yang dijadiin mukena sm dia..bodohkan???

maya : iiiiih anne nih ngomongin akyuuuu dari belakang hehehehehehe. males pulang niiiiih, pgn nginep terus sampe 3 bulan. pewe abiezzzzzz. skarang jam berapa ya?

anne : jam 2

maya : okeeeee, cuci mobil yuk, trus tmenin akuuuu ke inten yaaaaaaaa

anne : okeee, tunggu mamaku dtg yah..


2 Juli 2009

boys before flowers

i have watch this for many times but its still sweet everytime i watch. really, you have to watch this!

hari ini seperti biasa bangun jam setengah 10, nisa nelfon trus ingetin buat ke skolah (fyi, padahal malemnya gue abis telfon2an sama dia sampe jam setengah1) akhirnya ke skolah jam setengah 12 buat daftar ulang bertemu teman2 * HAPPY BIRTHDAY NADINA SAYANG. pulang makan nasi padang, tadinya mau ke gading tapi ga jadi dan sekarang lagi ngambek sama mama nih gara2 ga dibeliin silverqueen. grr

ngantuk mau tidur, tapi lagi nonton kepompong. malem ini mau begadang nonton boys before flower (again???? yes) dengerin maliq and d essential ~ coba katakan coba katakan kepadaku bila kita sedang berjalan menuju satu alasan. jangan lah kau katakan bila kita memang tak ada tujuan dari apa yang dijalankan. aku tak ingin terus terdiam memandangi harapan. terlena akan manis cinta dan berujung kecewa. aku tak ingin terus menunggu sesuatu yang tak pasti. lebih baik kita menangis dan terluka hari ini. coba katakan kepadaku sekali lagi bila kita memang benar akan kesana. buktikan dan buat aku percaya bila kita bisa mewujudkan bahagia

cups :*